Mental Break/Fresh Perspective

Texas Hold ‘Em poker can become a real grind after a while. If a poker player puts in a good number of hours every week, there is a good chance that after a long period of playing they are going to experience some sort of burnout. Often the lure of making money keeps them playing even though they aren’t enjoying it as much or aren’t as sharp. Developing skills in other poker games though provides an outlet for new experience and an opportunity to change things up a bit. The great thing is that if you can turn other forms of poker into winning games for yourself then you are not giving up your profit making while you take a break from Texas Hold ‘Em.


A Lot of Players Have No Idea What They Are Doing

There is far less literature and discussion about good Omaha High/Low poker strategy than there is about Texas Hold ‘Em. Just do a web search and you will see that the resources available for Omaha/8 players are very limited. Hence, you can expect the average opponent you come across at the Omaha High/Low table to be worse than the average player at a Texas Hold ‘Em table. If you put in the time and effort to learn about the game then you will be in a position to exploit these players.


Great for Releasing Bonus

A lot of online poker players make good money just from receiving online poker room bonuses and promotions for playing at particular sites. These bonuses are usually released to players when they have satisfied certain playing requirements, usually measured in raked hands. For hands to be counted as raked, the pot must be of a certain size. Often times in Texas Hold ‘Em games, the pot never reaches this level. In Omaha High/Low though, players are striving for two different sides of the pot and action can become quite heated. The average pot size for Omaha/8 at the same betting level is much higher than that of Texas Hold ‘Em and therefore bonuses and promotions are released at a faster rate while playing Omaha/8.…